HESA Group developed in 2013 as the hotel investment conference organizer. Within 2017 we created several other projects and became the ONE STOP point for international investors interested in the South Eastern Europe.




In 2013. we launched Adria Hotel Forum (AHF) with an idea of showcasing world trends, sparking the creation of new ideas and partnerships and overall development of the hotel industry.




Our 5th AHF anniversary was marked by the launch of a new event targeted to middle management in the regional hotel industry – Hotel Operations Weekend (HOW) Festival. In its first edition, HOW gathered over 500 visitors and created a space for exchange of knowledge and experience, but also for networking and fun. All of this with goal to improve the quality of daily hotel operations




Parallel to development of HOW, we developed a concept of a futuristic architecture studio- NAOS, that uses latest technologies like BIM programs, VR and 3D printing to create innovative architectural solutions. (Did you know that hotel pre-sales can be 30% higher just with VR technology?)

With our knowledge and connections in the region, we became the real trend and development connoisseurs.

For that reason, we became partners and now serve to international investors that would like to develop within the SEE region yet would also like to have a trusted company that will help lead them throughout the investment process – a partner that would coordinate all development/ investment subjects and secure project efficiency.

Some of our services are provided in-house and some we coordinate with other parties involved. Our scope of services includes:

  • Location/ investment real estate offer (in house)
  • Feasibility study & due diligence (provided by consulting companies – we work with the best consultants in the region yet the client can choose another preferred company)
  • Planning & architectural design (in house & with the partners)
  • Legal matters (provided by legal partners – we cooperate with top legal firms yet the client can choose also another preferred company)
  • Asset management (provided by our partners)
  • Construction (we manage and supervise the process of choosing the best construction partner for our client)

We like to say HESA Group is a pioneer in the region for innovative projects but also as the knowledge base for development of hotel and hospitality fields.

This is HESA.
We are the temple of hospitality.


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